Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Composition of now and..then

What is now?
A state...
You have a certain interpretation of the past, understanding of the present and imagination of the future.
This is now. 

But is it same is the state with everyone.

Let's freeze frame.
Hold still for a bit to analyze this.

It goes without to much debate the everyone's interpretation, understanding and imagination would not be the same. There will be deviations ranging from small to extra large. 


We are all different..


Because we look at things differently..


Ha Ha! Fed-up?

Lets face it we are creates of dependent perception. How we see the world around us affects how we see the world around the immediate next instance.

everything affects.

The sounds, the smells, the colors, the touch. Add to this the world with exponential increase in the mediums available for and to influence.

Ads all around us ( even next to this post) Social Media

Its like the maze; a spiders web ; constantly evolving. (Imagine a web being spun by a large number of spiders together, building over and around the webs each makes)

Where am I leading to.. you may be wondering.


The importance of a Pause and how powerful it can be to help us evaluate Where we are NOW? Where we WERE then. Is it the same place?

What has changed?

Has it?


Pause and Think !

Monday, 11 November 2013

What's in a Box ?

What's in a Box ?
Perspective change if we change the window of time. Magnitude and severity of issues becomes trivial, key decisions become normal choices, challenges become simple events, success or failure turns friends from opposites. It's like all particles get dissolved eventually into 1.

If that's true then it somehow means that we know our destination. 

Then where is the 'search'?

I guess it's Within... 

And it is at that moment of realisation I say - I DECIDE !

Sunday, 10 November 2013


Two Individuals
Two Friends
Two Bloggers

Coming from different directions in the Muti-dimensional world creating a new space where thoughts merge.

The Change Fundas is a journey of how Alter Abhishek has experienced and perceived change in his life. Ketchup by MJ is a narration of how events in the life of a person makes the spice / sauce / Ketchup and how MJ catches up with it!

The life of both bloggers has been filling up since they started to blog. More to do, more happening, more entropy (I like the word, better than writing Chaos ; which seems to have a negative connotation)

So we thought of coming together mixing the two blogs and the concepts and thoughts behind it and bring forth  a new space..

The title has more than one meaning Catch up with the Change / Ketchup of Change / and many more which will evolve.